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Six Marketing Metrics You Boss Actually Cares About


As marketers, we work tirelessly to move the needle on what often seems like a laundry list of metrics. We look at website visits, conversion rates, generated leads per channel, engagement on social media platforms… and the list goes on and on.

This guide, produced by Hubspot, will walk you through the six critical marketing metrics your boss actually wants to know.

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One of Ray’s strongest talents is his ability to take complex data and make it matter to people who speak in laymen’s terms. He’s able to keep track of many different ideas at one time, and translate information into relevant snapshots. In Ray’s hands, the audience is engaged, participating, and comprehending throughout the presentation.

 -Lisa McDivitt Bush, Director of Marketing, McDivitt Law Firm


I highly recommend Magneti. We have used them for strategic leadership in working on our strategic plan, for press coverage, for technical support with web development work, and overall marketing and messaging. Every person we have worked with has been creative, thoughtful, and delivered what we requested. They are an awesome team.

-Becky Sipos, CEO of Character.org